July 29, 2010

Purple Majesty

This post is for Grandma G, who takes the best pictures of flowers. See them at:

Attribution: Photos 2 through 6 of this blog were taken by Tom Overstreet.

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Back in May I drove out to Colorado. Driving through the desert I stopped for 20 minutes to watch a sunset, and maybe catch a good photo op. Where I stopped was in the middle of nowhere, really. I headed up a rise, away from the road a bit, and encountered a number of these little ankle-high blooming cacti. Here were these beautiful cactus flowers out in the middle of nowhere, and it occurred to me that most of them were going to have a magnificent bloom that nobody would ever see.

On my recent backpacking adventure to the high country of the Sierra Nevada mountains I had a similar kind of ah-ha experience with the flowers of the high country. We went off the beaten trail. And while I am sure a number of others go off the beaten trail, we were in enough remote places that I am also sure that some of the flowers we saw will never be seen by anyone else, and wouldn't have been seen by anyone had we not gone there then.

There is a discernible pattern here in God's creation, and particularly in God's wilderness. The beauty is there. Creation is robed in God's Purple Majesty. And the beauty is there, and God's majesty is apparent, if you are lucky enough to see it, but it is also there irrespective of whether anyone at all sees it.

But the beauty, the Purple Majesty, calls to us -- to me. The flowers, in particular, call to me like lonesome children wanting attention. "Can you come over and see me?" "Can you come out and play today?" "Hey! Hey mister! Come over here and see what God did."

They are like bright, cheerful little witnesses standing on their little wilderness soap boxes and spreading a message of hope and good cheer.

But if ever there was truth to the expression "all dressed up with no place to go," these footless flowers are the embodiment of that truth. So I went and saw some of them. They're friendly, and I think they really appreciated being appreciated by someone.


  1. Wow... a post for me?! Thanks, George!

    I loved all your (and Tom's) photos. Such beauty out there! And I guess I never gave thought to how much beauty there is that goes unseen and unappreciated... by us humans, anyway. No doubt God loves looking at it Himself, or He wouldn't have put it out there in the middle of nowhere. Or maybe He just enjoys giving unexpected surprises to the more adventurous. Thanks for sharing what bits of it that you saw!

    P.S. Did you know that if you're using a tabbed browser (IE 7 and up, I believe... don't know about Macs), you can hold down the Ctrl key and click on a photo or link, and it will open in a new tab so you don't lose your original page or have to use the Back button? And you can have many tabs open at a time. Just a little tip I learned somewhere. ;)

  2. Hi Grandma G. It's nice to hear from you. Your flower pictures really are the best. And yes, I did know that about the tabs. I use multiple tabs all the time to enable my ADD and multiple personality disorders. by George!

  3. Very pretty! Do you think its okay if some of the flowers are dressed in yellow? :) Im glad youre getting a chance to stray from the beaten path!

  4. I also recently did a desert drive, but my daughter was a pugnacious pike pilot and had a deadline to meet, so all my photos were grabbed as we flew by. Still I appreciated the majesty of His work and delighted in your posts from your recent journeys.