July 24, 2010

This And That

Troubled bridge over waters.. Whenever the water wets the top of a log bridge, the log is slippery. Couple that with a lack of ballerina balance, and you have a recipe for a wet boot.

Golden sky. Priceless.

Golden trout, and Steve K's golden hand sleeved in a golden top.

Steve K makes trail pudding. Trust me, it was delicious.

Duct tape has many uses. I did the fine wood carving. This one-of-a-kind item is currently available for sale.

Wild onions at base of rock, and sprouting out of my pack. They grow along streams and some lakes. Pick a few when you see them and have them with soup, mashed potatoes, or fish. They're delish.
Also note the orange and red duct tape on my hiking pole. That's the way to carry a little duct tape into the wilderness without taking the whole big roll. Don't leave home without it.

Wild onions in the fridge. Wet a cloth and wrap them to keep them fresh. Nice to chew on when sitting around chewing the fat before and after dinner.

Mono Hot Springs all natural hot tub. I am talking about the water, folks. All naturally heated. Nice for a soak at the end of a long trail.

Attribution: All pictures in this post were taken by Tom Overstreet.

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  1. Sometimes your food habits make me nervous: chewing fat? did you use "pure" (filtered by a water filter purchased at a store) water for your refrigeration? And how did you know those onions were safe....I guess youre not dead yet.