June 14, 2017

Can We Agree?

Shots rained down on the baseball field.
Is this the field of battle at Antietam, or the field of dreams?
I shot you because you are Republican,
and I disagree with you.

You cannot serve this Great Country as a prosecutor,
because you are a Democrat,
and that makes you a bad person.
You Democrats are all bad people.

The gates to this Land of the Free are closed
to all you Muslims.
We believe in freedom of religion
provided you believe as we do.

You cannot be confirmed for service to our Nation,
because you are a Christian,
and your beliefs make it impossible for you
to serve all people fairly and equally.

So now this is what we have become.
The test of good or bad, right or wrong, qualified or unqualified, live or die,
is whether you agree with me or not.

But can we agree on one thing?
Can we agree to disagree?
Can we agree to respect each other and celebrate our differences?
Can we agree that the measure of goodness is not what we believe
  but how we treat each other?
Can we learn to love others, however different, as we love ourselves?
Can we agree?

by George!