August 3, 2010

Nickodemus Land

Valerie, Destiny and I are recently returned from Payette, Idaho and Ontario, Oregon, where the family and friends of my new son-in-law, Luke Nickodemus, gathered in force at the Payette Golf and Country Club to meet-and-greet the newlyweds. Pictured here, from left to right, are Jay, Neola, John, Luke, Jessica, Mark, Valerie and me. I can't tell you all the names of all the people I met, but I can tell you that Luke comes from a big family, and a good family. Good, hard-working, honest, fun-loving, down-to-earth people with big, warm and sincere smiles.

To everything, there is a season. Turn, turn, turn. Ecclesiastes 3:1; Pete Seeger version.

Valerie, Jessica and Destiny. Don't think this set of childhood friends didn't garner a little attention. They had a whole new generation of Idaho farm boys singing the Beach Boys' "I wish they all could be California girls!"

Aww. Why couldn't it have been sunny like this on the wedding day?

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  1. Great Pictures! Looks like all is well and happy with the Harpers & Nickodemus' Nice to see you standing with the girls for a picture too! :)

    Jenn L.