January 9, 2011

Winter Wonderland At Lake Tahoe

You've got to click on this picture for full effect. Only a few months ago this was a beach.

You can see the lake from the upstairs windows. Believe it or not, there's a hot tub on the deck.

Somehow this tree makes it through each winter. The mere thought of spending a whole winter here sends chills down my spine and leaves me hanging in suspense.

Biggest gingerbread house I ever saw. Kind of makes you want to reach out and snag a gum drop. Hey! I see that hand!

Olympic Drive. 4 wheel drive and snow tires are de rigueur.
And now a real-life video drama, sledding down the "madder horn" "mountain" at "the beach."
Goodbye, cruel world.

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  1. Dare I speculate that you survived to blog again? And you were right, clicking on the photo definitely enhances the image overall - beautiful!