January 30, 2011

Already Gone - An Anthology of Loss

1. Youth

Once upon a time I could
do it well and do it good.
Once upon a time, recall
I could darn-well do it all.

Once upon a time I was
all of that and more.
Once upon a time, you see
"can't" wasn't known to me.

Once upon a time I was
always in the know.
Once upon a time, alas,
was a dang-long time ago.

This is not a fairy-tale
this is but a rhyme,
about the new reality
of youth gave-way to time.

'Twas time I had abundant once,
time's now in short supply.
My youth's already gone, my friend,
and nearly so am I.

2. Dad

The plumbing needed fixing,
and I thought of you again.
All the things you made me learn,
I didn't appreciate you then.

And the things that I can do now,
are many thanks to you.
I thought I should say "thanks, Dad,"
its the least that I could do.

But old age and disease,
were things you couldn't fix.
And communicating thanks, and death,
are things that I can't mix.

You're already gone now,
and Mom is nearly, too.
You're already gone now,
and a thought will have to do.

3. Mom

Well I saw you just the other day,
your laugh was just the same.
Unfortunately for me, Mom,
you didn't know my name.

All the times you wished me well,
and all you did for me,
your love was ever-present,
'til I was fifty-three.

At seventy-nine I thought it was time,
to say "I love you, too."
But though you're still here,
your brain's already gone,
and I don't know what it will mean to you.

4. Wife

For thirty-four years together,
we shared a lot of life.
I your loyal husband,
you my loyal wife.

Loyal we were, and committed,
and with you life was good.
Still I didn't always treat you,
as well as I could, or should.

And now I ought to tell you,
with words and acts and such,
that through it all, above it all,
I loved you very much.

But the cancer didn't know you,
and neither did it spare.
You're already gone now,
and it's too late to care.

5. Daughters

When I was young
My girls were too
And they were always there

They're older now
And always gone
It seems they may not care

I had them once
When e're I wished
To mentor, teach or play

I had them then
To admire and love me
And every word I'd say

But time has changed
My little girls
To young adults who know

And time has changed
Me in their eyes
To one washed up and done

I had them then
But this is now
And they're already gone

6. Girlfriend

Your bags are packed and ready,
but you don't want to leave.
A promise has been made though,
and kept it has to be.

This journey's for another,
it isn't what we wanted.
This time away, we hope and pray,
will mend the grieving haunted.

So out the door you're trudging,
and over there you'll go.
Our love you're not besmudging,
time will prove it so.

Now of our love we've written,
this sad and lonesome song.
But with me you can't sing it,
'cause you're already gone.

7. Sin

In my life I'd plenty,
by any measure known.
More food and love and money,
than one man needs alone.

In my life I've wasted,
for belly, gold and heart,
what many wished they'd tasted,
a teeny tiny part.

In my life I've sinned,
constrained by boundaries gray.
Not black and white,
nor wrong nor right,
have guided me my way.

A few who know me judge me,
as wasteful worthless trash.
These assessments bore me
as rubbish and as rash.

Forgiveness, yes, they may not need,
The Bible can be tossed.
Jesus only came to save
the broken and the lost.

And lost I am, and broken,
my sins are more than one.
But Jesus' saving grace I've taken,
my stain's already gone.

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