December 3, 2014

The Making of Cheri's Road House

Cheri's oldest child, Gary, still lives in the area of Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, where he grew up. He and his wife, Jessica, bought a house there and promptly started a family.  The house had an under-utilized, catch-all basement with a half bath that looked to me like a Grandma and Grandpa guest suite waiting to happen.  Gary and Jessica consented, and Cheri's Road House got underway in May of 2014.

Gary and Jessica's dad,  Pap Pap Pete, got involved with framing in the new bedroom, and separating it from the sitting room.

The drop ceiling was pulled down and the walls and ceilings got sheet-rocked.  We pulled in lots of  electrical wire -- you can't have too many outlets.

 New paint, new trim, ceramic tile in the hallway, new carpet, new doors,

... even a little crown molding, and the next thing you know, Grandma Cheri and Grandpa George are staying in Cheri's Pennsylvania Road House. 

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