July 23, 2012

Tahoe Makeover Part I

This Tahoe City, California, house was built by Cheri's father, Don, in the early 1980's.  He and his wife, Gracie, moved into the house in 1983 when he retired from his air conditioning and heating business in San Jose, California.  It's a nice house in a great location.  But thirty years of winters in Lake Tahoe can put a strain on a house.  Come to think of it, the u.v. at 6,500 foot elevation above sea level is probably more damaging than the snow and water.  So we decided to give the house a little makeover.

A good pressure wash with a mildew killing formula, followed by application of 30 gallons of siding stain, 6 gallons of enamel trim paint, and one gallon of spar varnish, somewhere around a thousand trips up and down the big extension ladder, and wall-ahhh ....

... and, oh yeah, don't forget about the crisp new American flag.

Well, maybe I can't draw, but I can paint.


  1. I agree that you CAN paint. You exterior looks different from before. Instead of looking like a wooden getaway house, it looks more contemporary and has a rustic feel. I’m so glad that you stuck to its brown color since I find its color charming. Great job, George!

    Aubrey Mullins