November 15, 2011

Fullness and Emptiness

Here I am, Lord.

Young and strong and ready.

A pitcher brimming full.

Waiting to be poured out

where you direct.

Here I am, Lord.

Spent and tired and overworked.

A pitcher empty and drained.

Waiting to be filled again

by your grace.

Here I am, Lord.

Sick and depressed and grieving.

A pitcher cracked and broken;

Unable to be filled.

Waiting to be healed

so I can hold your living water again.

Here I am, Lord.

Rested and refreshed and renewed.

A pitcher nearly filled again.

Waiting to be restored

back to fullness in you.

Here I am, Lord.

A pitcher made in your image.

Sometimes full, sometimes empty,

somtimes broken, and sometimes healed.

Waiting to learn

what you can only teach me

by changing the conditions of my existence.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, here I am, Lord... trusting in You to guide me. I enjoyed that poem and will copy it as a reminder that it is ok to not always be a perfect pitcher... but to always be receptive.