May 30, 2010

First Home

This is the first home of the newlyweds, Luke and Jessica Nickodemus. Their apartment is up on a hill, on a street called "Skyview," and up two flights of stairs to the third floor. Tough moving couches etc. up there, but they have a nice panoramic view of Colorado Springs. That's the Garden of the Gods in the center top background of the photo (click on the picture to enlarge it and you will see it better). That bright yellow V.W. is Jessi's "Daisy." It's a short couple of blocks down the hill to the North to Old Colorado City. Exactly at the bottom of the hill is Bear Creek Regional Park (in fact you can see their apartments up at the top of the hill in the second slide of the Bear Creek Park slide show if you click that link). About a mile due South is the Broadmoor, where Luke will be working as a golf pro. Ooh la la.

That's the truck and trailer that delivered their first load of furniture and "stuff." Luke's parents also delivered a couple of carloads of "stuff" yesterday. Hmm. The trailer was full on the way over here, and I'm just betting they'll need a bigger trailer or truck for the next move. And professional movers, or anyway younger ones.

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  1. Hey thanks for documenting! Now I can just link to you!