November 14, 2009


When my wife was diagnosed with cancer last May she started blogging to inform her friends and family about her treatments, her prognoses, and her needs. She suggested that I blog about my perspectives regarding her cancer experience. So I did, under the blog title "The My Wife Has Cancer Blog."

Sue seemed to be getting better (she died in March 2010) and (for a time) there wasn't much to write about on that blog. I got hooked on blogging, though, so I started a new blog, and here it is.

I love to fish, hence the moniker "the fisher." Fishing gives me time to think. I write for my own enjoyment, and because writing forces me to organize my thoughts. I hope you are entertained, or at least provoked by what you read here. If so, leave a comment. Bloggers love comments. Your comments give me something to think about while I fish. This blog is set up to accept comments from members and non members. Non members can comment by selecting the anonymous option under "comment as."

Sam Clemens was a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi river before he became a renowned writer. He abandoned his riverboat career because he did not want to die for the confederate cause in the American civil war. He moved out west, to Nevada, and later to California, and began writing under the pen name Mark Twain. To "mark twain" is a term riverboat pilots used for measuring the depth of the river.

My writing won't be as clever or as deep as that of Mark Twain. But a fisher's line can also find the bottom of the river -- though it's purpose isn't necessarily to do so. Nor is it the purpose of a fisher to know the depth of the river -- though the good ones usually do. Fishers who fish with line are generally not commercial fishers, and only a handful are professionals. Most of us fish principally for our own entertainment, and secondarily to share a little fresh fish with our guests. But every fisher hopes, and certainly I hope, that every once in a while I just might reel in a keeper on The Fisher's Line.


  1. I am fully confident that you will indeed reel in a keeper or two! I have never gone fishing, but I think I will follow you down this path. I am looking forward to the adventure! 'Twill be my noonhour activity! -LD

  2. In Prison, there is a group that claims: you are not saved until you name the Jahshua, not Jesus. They say that "Jesus" is a western name and no one would have called him that during his lifetime. OR maybe Joshua? - Dave